Office of Ethics
United States Department of Agriculture

Political Activities Quick Reference Chart

PAS's SES-C ALJ/CBA Members All Others
In a Non-partisan Election Yes Yes Yes
In a Partisan Election (Generally) No No No
     Where Permitted by OPM as an Independent Yes Yes Yes
Retain Office Won Prior to Federal Appointment. Yes Yes Yes
Attend a Fundraiser. Yes Yes Yes
Contribute to a Candidate or Party. Yes Yes Yes
Give a Political Speech (No Solicitation Involved). Yes No Yes
Host, Invite Others to, or Sponsor a Fundraiser. No No No
Solicit, Accept, Receive Contributions (Generally) No No No
     In a Non-Partisan Campaign. Yes Yes Yes
     For Labor Organization PAC.* Yes No Yes
     As an Independent Candidate (locality rules).** Yes No Yes
Use/allow Use of Official Title in Invitations. No No No
Attending as Member of General Public. Yes Yes Yes
Joining/Voting on Issues Yes Yes Yes
Holding Office. Yes No Yes
Influencing Members on Partisan Issues. Yes No Yes
Precinct/Ward Committee Member. Yes No Yes
Act as Accredited Checker, Watcher, Challenger, etc. Yes No Yes
Serve as Officer of a PAC. Yes No Yes
Be Employed or Paid by a Political Committee. No No Yes
As a Member of the General Public:
     Attending Rallies & Meetings. Yes Yes Yes
    Vote on Questions Presented. Yes Yes Yes
As a Party Member:
     Organize, Manage, Act in Rallies & Meetings Yes No Yes
     Play Prominent Role in Primaries,
          Caucuses, Conventions, etc.
Yes No Yes
     Serve as Delegate, Alternate, or Proxy at.
           Party Conventions.
Yes No Yes
     Address Rallies & Meetings on Partisan Matters. Yes No Yes
     Organize/Participate in Political Parade. Yes No Yes
Engage in Activities Using a Government Vehicle. No No No
Organize, Manage, Serve as Officer of Campaign. Yes No Yes
Make Partisan Campaign Speeches (No Solicitation). Yes No Yes
Endorse a Candidate/Oppose a Candidate Publicly
     or Through a Paid Advertisement.
Yes No Yes
Be Employed or Paid by a Campaign. No No Yes
Distribute Literature, Badges, Buttons, etc. Yes No Yes
Voter Turnout:      
     Register and Vote, Yourself. Yes Yes Yes
     Register Voter: In a Non-partisan Effort. Yes Yes Yes
                            For a Party. Yes No Yes
     Drive Voters to Polls: Non-partisan Effort. Yes Yes Yes
                                        Partisan Effort. Yes No Yes
Nominating Petitions:
     Circulating a Nominating Petition. Yes No Yes
     Sign a Nominating Petition. Yes Yes Yes
Service at the Polls:
     Serve as Non-partisan Election Officer. Yes Yes Yes
     Act for Party at the Polls. Yes No Yes
Recruit Others To Work on a Campaign. Yes No Yes
Making Partisan Campaign Speeches (No Solicitation). Yes No Yes
Displaying Partisan Buttons or Signs. (Not at work) Yes Yes Yes
Expressing One's Personal Opinion Publicly on Issues & Candidates. Yes Yes Yes
*     Only to/from organization members if not subordinates.
**   May not solicit; only may accept and receive.
(On Federal Premises, In Uniform, or on Official Time)
Taking an Active Part in/Managing:
     Campaigns. Yes No No
     Political Activities. Yes No No
Endorse Candidates Publicly in Official Capacity. Yes No No
Engage in mixed (official/political) travel. Yes No No
Hold Occasional Campaign Meetings in Office. Yes No No
Attend Political Events on Official Time. Yes No No
Write Political Speeches on Official Time. Yes No No
Engage in Political Activities Using Government Vehicle.


No No
Be Employed By a Campaign. No No No
*     The Secretary may do so under certain circumstances.