Office of Ethics
United States Department of Agriculture

Can I Accept this Gift of Free Travel and Accomodations?

Federal employees often receive invitations from members of the public to travel, both in their official and personal capacities. Sometimes, they are lucky enough to have the non-Federal* inviter offer to pay all or part of their transportation and accommodations costs. Whether the employee may accept the offer depends upon a variety of factors. This "self help" module is designed to assist you or your staff to determine whether you may accept these costs.

While this module should give you a good idea what you should do, it does NOT constitute Agency or Office of Ethics approval. If you need approval, or have any questions, contact the Office of Ethics.

This module does NOT discuss other issues related to attending events, such as free attendance, entertainments, free meals, etcs. For answers to these questions, see our "self help" module entitled "Can I Attend This Event?"

* This module does not discuss issues relating to whether another USDA component or another Federal agency may pay your way.